Rob Thomas to Perform in St. Augustine

Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 Performs in St. AugustineHow lucky are we to have the amazing St. Augustine Ampitheatre less than 2 miles from the inn?


On July 25, Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 will perform at the Ampitheatre. Tickets go on sale April 3 at 10AM.

If you stay with us, there are a couple of ways to get to the show. You can go by cab (it’s about $5 to get there, and after the show the cabs line up to the right of the parking lot), you can drive (there is a large parking lot, and police officers directing traffic…but we often park in one of the neighbors’ yards for $10), you can even go by pedicab (I’ve never done this, but I see a bunch of them dropping people off at every concert).

And, Mr. Thomas, if you wanted to stay with us (so much more comfortable than a tour bus), we would drive you there personally.