Great Wedding Ideas: Take a Trolley to Your Reception

wedding trolley group transportation St. Augustine FloridaMany of our brides opt to get married at our bed and breakfast, but hold their reception off-site. Our feelings are never hurt when they ask about that option–there are so many amazing restaurants in St. Augustine, who can blame them for wanting to take their family and friends to one of them?

Because we’re in the historic district, most restaurants are an easy walk from our location. But an easy walk to me might be quite trying for Aunt Mildred, who just had her hip replaced, or your cousin Jill who has triplets to contend with (it’s hard to hold hands to cross the street when there are three of them!) Or it might be drizzling, or too hot to walk (especially if you’re wearing a long wedding dress or a tuxedo with a vest!)

In that case, there are several options to get your guests from Point A (the Bayfront Marin House), to Point B (any of the amazing restaurants in St. Augustine).

We hosted a wedding recently where the bride and groom opted for a private trolley to transport them to The Columbia Restaurant, where we helped them reserve a private room for their party. The trolley took them on a short tour first–when they passed the inn on the way to the restaurant, everyone yelled “We love you Bayfront Marin House!!”

Well, we love you all too!! Congratulations on a beautiful event, and best wishes for a happy healthy life together! 🙂