Flower of the Day: Tulips

I have always loved tulips.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, weary from shoveling snow and carrying water to the calves in the back barns, my brother and I anxiously looked for the crocuses first, then the daffodils, and then the tulips. I loved the tulips the best–those big boldly colored cups, the strong stamens inside. Besides, once the tulips unfolded their petals, it was pretty likely that our snow shoveling days were behind us. At least for another year.

Of course, as I got older, and had to buy my own flowers in my own yard, I began to like the daffodils more. They multiplied each year, while the tulips thinned out a little bit each Spring, eventually disappearing altogether.

But I still love tulips today–although Florida winters aren’t really cold enough to plant them. But they’re a great cut flower right now, available at all the florists in town, and I think they’re a wonderfully versatile flower for weddings. They can be sweet, in pink and blushed hues, or they can be bold, in reds and purples. And the fact that they sound like “two lips”–well, that just makes them perfect for a springtime bride!!

This bouquet was done by our preferred floral vendor–Flowers by Krissy. She put them together for Kristin and Cordez, who tied the knot yesterday in the gazebo.