Historic Hotels by the Sea

It’s hot in Baltimore. Fry-an-egg on the sidewalk, bake-cookies-in-your-car hot. The kind of hot where historic travel girl likes to sit in her office, and daydream about…the ocean. Or the Gulf. Or any body of water bigger than the water cooler right outside her door.So, this morning I thought I’d daydream about some of the … Read More

Eating My Way Across Galveston, TX, Part One

Look, historic travel girl loves to stay in old houses. But do I want to subsist on a diet of Victorian-era excesses…with exotic new dishes and lots of courses? Uhh…YES!!! Luckily, Galveston does not disappoint the hungry historic traveler. Here are just a few of the options (there are tons more–coming soon!) Yaga’s Cafe and … Read More