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Say Cheese! Five Tips to Look Great in Wedding Photos

There are those people who love getting their picture taken. I see them on Top Model–lifting a shoulder, smiling with their eyes, finding their light. Some of them are pretty, and some of them are “interesting” as Tyra says. Some have big ears, a gap between their teeth, a masculine jaw. It’s not that they’re … Read More

Who’s that Lady??

When Mike and I bought our first house, I decided I wanted a statue in the corner of one of my flowerbeds. Somehow, I convinced him that he should go shopping with me to pick it out (clearly, we were newly married). After about 25 minutes of looking at angels, babies, baby angels, and little … Read More

Flower of the Day: Tulips

I have always loved tulips. Growing up in Pennsylvania, weary from shoveling snow and carrying water to the calves in the back barns, my brother and I anxiously looked for the crocuses first, then the daffodils, and then the tulips. I loved the tulips the best–those big boldly colored cups, the strong stamens inside. Besides, once the … Read More

Looks *Do* Matter

Sometimes, the best recipe in the world won’t impress people if it just doesn’t look good (case in point: trifles are awesome for the first three of four people who dive in; anyone coming later than that is going to think twice before plopping that goop on their plate). That’s why I love a good … Read More

Flowers of the Day: Hydrangeas and Dyed Roses

Everybody knows that the hub convinced me to move to Florida with the lure of year-round gardening. Yes, the ability to see color–rich, saturated and healthy color–throughout the year was a wonderful draw. So it’s not surprising that I check out the flowers before I look at the wedding dress during our weddings. We work with … Read More

5 Tips to Make Your Night-time Wedding WOW

The hub and I have been married for a long time now–this year will be our 19th anniversary. We got married at night, partly because I have always thought that night-time weddings are so romantic and intimate, and partly because my brother and my father have to milk 200 cows every day, so I was either going … Read More

By the Numbers: Weddings on 11/11/11

A good friend of mine dabbles in numerology. She can meet someone, add up the letters in their name, and determine if they will be best friends or simply acquaintances. She can tell you what numbers are “lucky” for you, and what months are the best months for business or love or adopting a puppy. … Read More

Guest Profile: Haven and Tony

You know how your mother always told you to be nice to the other kids? She was right. Because you never know when you might marry one of them. That’s what happened to Haven B. and Antonio R. Here’s the story: when Tony was born, he had cataracts. That meant he had to wear thick, … Read More

Guest Profile: Lovebirds Angela and Robert

You know how they say it’s never to late for a new beginning? Well, Angela and Robert Prescott of Georgia know it. They’re guests who just got married at the BMH. Besides being very nice people, they also have a very cool love story. (Attention Hollywood: this would be a great flick!) Angela and Robert grew … Read More

What’s in a Name?

Okay, a few months ago I promised that I wouldn’t write any more blogs about our house in Cape May. Technically, however, the house is no longer our house. So I’m really just writing about A house in Cape May. Not MY house. This weekend, it became painfully obvious that it wasn’t my house anymore. When … Read More