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Flower of the Day: Orange!!

Okay, so orange isn’t a flower, it’s a color (or a fruit, especially yummy here in sunny Florida!) Earlier this month, we hosted a wedding for a lovely couple, both originally from Venezuela. They held a very impromptu wedding–deciding to get married just a little over a week before their stay. In keeping with the … Read More

Flowers of the Day: Yellow Roses

What’s happier, sunnier, more summery than yellow? NOTHING!!! This photo is from Brianna and Adrian’s wedding, held in the gazebo yesterday. Brianna carried a gorgeous round bouquet of yellow roses, and her groom sported a yellow tie and yellow boutenniere. The girls wore yellow ribbons in their hair, yellow sandals, and–of course–yellow pedis. Now, this … Read More

Need Help Creating the Perfect Proposal?

St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast Offers the Service of Personal Engagement Specialists Would-be grooms can get advice and help creating a perfectly planned, romantic proposal at this Florida bed and breakfast. Many couples choose the Marie Antoinette suite, a waterfront room on the second floor of the Bayfront Marin House. St. Augustine, FL (PRWEB) July … Read More

Your Fairy “Tail” Wedding

And they call it “puppy love”! I saw this blog today in the Huffington Post, asking whether dogs should be included in wedding ceremonies. We’ve had several pups-of-honor during our weddings at the inn–as long as the couple doesn’t want to tie the rings to the dog’s collar (it’s my job to worry about what … Read More

Say Cheese! Five Tips to Look Great in Wedding Photos

There are those people who love getting their picture taken. I see them on Top Model–lifting a shoulder, smiling with their eyes, finding their light. Some of them are pretty, and some of them are “interesting” as Tyra says. Some have big ears, a gap between their teeth, a masculine jaw. It’s not that they’re … Read More

Who’s that Lady??

When Mike and I bought our first house, I decided I wanted a statue in the corner of one of my flowerbeds. Somehow, I convinced him that he should go shopping with me to pick it out (clearly, we were newly married). After about 25 minutes of looking at angels, babies, baby angels, and little … Read More

Flower of the Day: Tulips

I have always loved tulips. Growing up in Pennsylvania, weary from shoveling snow and carrying water to the calves in the back barns, my brother and I anxiously looked for the crocuses first, then the daffodils, and then the tulips. I loved the tulips the best–those big boldly colored cups, the strong stamens inside. Besides, once the … Read More

Looks *Do* Matter

Sometimes, the best recipe in the world won’t impress people if it just doesn’t look good (case in point: trifles are awesome for the first three of four people who dive in; anyone coming later than that is going to think twice before plopping that goop on their plate). That’s why I love a good … Read More

You Deserve a Safe Vacation

Stay small, and stay safe.

Bayfront Marin House offers contact free check-in, exterior entrances, in-room dining, and more–all designed to help you safely get away from it all.

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