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Tiffany Blue Wedding Decor

Tiffany blue is such a beautiful color, and it lives easily with many other colors. Add pink and it’s sweet and girly, add a citrine green and it’s a shot of spring. Add brown and it’s a modern masculine statement. We had a wedding last weekend and paired it with burnt orange flowers, for a fresh … Read More

Save Money on your St. Augustine Wedding!

The hub and I will have been married 20 years on December 4. Even as I type it, that seems impossible. When we got married, the average cost of a wedding was around $19,000. The hub and I got married at my family’s church (I have pictures of my great-grandmother getting married there), and then … Read More

Photo of the Day: Pre-Wedding Preparations

We love getting the inn ready for weddings. Some of the things we do are easy, and they’re part of our wedding routine: we hang the sheers from brass rods, we sweep all of the walkways, and we take the tables out of the gazebo. But beyond that, we kind of wing it. We usually … Read More

Ombre Wedding Cake

When I got married, wedding cakes were white. The cake was white, the icing was white and the decorative icing was white too. Sometimes, if you were crazy (and I was) you added a little color in a fruit filling between the creamy white layers (I opted for raspberry to cut the sweetness a little). … Read More

Beach Wedding: Use What You’ve Got for Photography

One of my favorite photos at any wedding is the shot of the wedding rings, dress and jewelry. It’s a great opportunity to evoke the mood of the day by focusing on the details. This photo is from a beach wedding in St. Augustine at our Beachcomber Cottages. The Oceanview cottage has a beautiful piece of driftwood on … Read More

Beach Wedding: Not just Neutrals

I’ve gotten so many comments on the colored beach decor I shared yesterday (thanks to everyone who repinned it from our Pinterest board!), I thought that I’d share a shot from another recent event with a colorful beach theme. Shannon and Dave got married with us in June. They rented our entire inn, and planned … Read More

Boho Wedding Decor at the Beach

Weddings should reflect the couple getting married. For some people, that means an all-white sophisticated affair; for others, it means casual elegance with khaki pants, white shirts and a dress with flip flops. For Mary Ann and Matt, it meant a colorful, fun vibe with an emphasis on happiness. Mary Ann chose a palette of brights–including … Read More

Nighttime Weddings: Six Things to Remember to End the Big Night

When my parents got married, there was only one way to send the couple off–with handfuls of hard rice thrown up in the air. It was a nice party atmosphere–kind of an edible confetti–and it served happy couples on their big day for a long, long time. Now there are so many other ways to … Read More

Flowers of the Day: Succulents and Roses

I am a HUGE fan of succulents, and we have a lot of them in pots at the inn. I like their dusty colors, the huge variety of leaves, and the fact that they don’t need water. Which means that they generally live, even in the Florida sunshine. We hosted a wedding this weekend where … Read More

Night Weddings: Ooohs and Aaahs for Our New Lighting

I can’t decide whether I prefer daytime weddings, when the inn looks so crisp against the Florida sky, or nighttime weddings, when romantic lighting lights up the architectural details of our buildings. It probably doesn’t matter, since the hub has told me that our vows are still good. “If they didn’t expire, they don’t need … Read More

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