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Bayfront Marin House
St. Augustine, Florida

Pirates of St. Augustine

Saint Augustine’s new Pirate Museum opened today at 2:27. The hub and I were there at 4:10. I should start with a confession. I don’t like pirates. A couple of weeks ago, it was Pirate Weekend in St. Auggie, and there were hundreds of pirates and wenches wandering the streets, saying “ARRGGHHHH” too often, and … Read More

Drop Dead Bread

My grandmother has been known to skip an entree entirely and just have bread for dinner. When faced with a big bowl of glop, something that even the starving children in India might pass on, she has been known to say “A good roll could save this meal.” The rolls at The Tasting Room to … Read More

A Big Wet Kiss for our Veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day! Here at the BMH, we celebrated the holiday with a free night for the first member of the military who called and reserved a room, and discounts for any other veterans who stayed with us this evening. As much as we love the idea of a special geared to our veterans on Veteran’s … Read More

The Slow Food Movement

I’m sure you’ve heard about slow food. It’s the idea that fast food is shipped from thousands of miles, pre-processed, full of fats instead of flavor, and anything but fresh. In other words, fast food is bad. Slow food, however, is fresh from the local farmer. Its flavor comes from heirloom varieties of food that our … Read More

A Quick Detour

Last blog, I told you about our new bed and breakfast in old St. Augustine. And then I climbed into a virtual hole on the internet and haven’t been heard from since. At least, I’m sure that’s what it looks like to you. But, in fact, I’ve been writing about the new venture over at … Read More

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Hello, netties! If you’ve come to this site from my Historic Traveler blog, then you already know that I am a hapless traveler, determined to find historic towns/sites/buildings that grown-ups would like (as opposed to bored-looking teens on their eighth-grade fieldtrip). In the past couple of years, I’ve written about historic hotels (The Del in xxx, the … Read More

Know Before You Go

What is the full price? linen fees? cleaning fees? a/c fees? pool heater?

God Made the Universe, But the Navy Made This Island

When HTG was just a G, she spent a couple of weeks in the Netherlands. While she was there, she spent some of those weeks with a boy named Rolf, with whom she spent some of that time…talking about international politics. HTG didn’t know much about international politics then, but Rolf was older and a little more versed … Read More

The Inflexible Gardener

The Inflexible Gardener There is a war going on in my garden. Like most of these things, it involves a border dispute. There has been evidence of spying, reconnaissance missions, and casualties. Sometimes, civilians have been hurt. There are surprise surges, weekend attacks, and outbreaks that looked small at the outset, but which ended in … Read More