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St. Augustine, Florida
Shoofly Muffins at Bayfront Marin House

Bed and Breakfast Comfort Food Recipe: Shoofly Muffins

They call it comfort food–that particular brand of food that you equate with your childhood, that you picture when you think about your happiest memories, and that you crave when needing to find some solace. I may live in St. Augustine, but for me, comfort food is almost always Pennsylvania Dutch–a bowl of potpie with fat … Read More

Christmas lights at Bayfront Marin House

Christmas Lessons in St. Augustine

Each year, the hub and I try to give as many staff off as possible on Thanksgiving and Christmas. When we first bought the inn, in 2010, our plan was to give everyone those two days off. I planned on making a buffet breakfast, and cleaning any rooms that were turning over. The hub was … Read More

Getting Crafty: My Latest Wreath

 This wreath doesn’t suc-ulent.  Every now and again, I get inspired to do something a little crafty. Last week, inspiration struck and I created this wreath for our back patio area. It’s where we keep the bicycles and beach chairs, and it’s not a very trafficked area–but I think every space has the … Read More

Just breathe…

I have a ton of things to do this weekend…three weddings, 7 pots to replant, 2 palm trees to buy and then plant, 4 billion loads of laundry to do (the most fun part of traveling), a whole house to clean, a fence to paint…. Ugh. I’m getting cranky just thinking about it. That’s when … Read More

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Bayfront Marin House

The hub and I dreamed about owning a bed and breakfast for 14 years, finally buying the beautiful Bayfront Marin House last September 1 (our year anniversary is coming up, if you wanted to send flowers!!) During those 14 years, I did all sorts of things that I thought would be helpful to me in … Read More

Happy National Carrot Cake Day!!

Yes, kids, it’s a whole day to celebrate the only decent way to prepare carrots. (Eat up, it’s good for you!) Instead of making carrot cake, however, we’ve been busy in the kitchen experimenting with new quiche recipes. Tonight we sampled four of them–a delicious ham and cheese quiche, an awesome ABC quiche (asparagus, bacon and cheddar–and … Read More

No Thai Required

A couple of weeks ago, the hub mentioned to me that if he had only ever eaten Thai food in Florida, he would not like Thai food. We’ve had some pretty bad Thai-ms since we’ve moved here. Which is a big darn shame because the hub and I love a good drunken noodle, a spicy dish … Read More

The Only Time I Have is Growing in An Herb Garden

Hello again, netties. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but it’s not as if I’ve been sitting around drinking sangria and baking cookies all day. Oh wait. I actually have been doing that. At least in the afternoon, which is when I head over to the bed and breakfast to give the … Read More

You Deserve a Safe Vacation

Stay small, and stay safe.

Bayfront Marin House offers contact free check-in, exterior entrances, in-room dining, and more–all designed to help you safely get away from it all.

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