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St. Augustine, Florida

Strawberry Soup for You!!

As most of you know, I am only a part-time bnb owner. Well, I’m a full-time owner, I suppose, but only a part-time worker. (And there are some who would say that I’m only a part-time part-time employee!) While the hub is at the inn every day, laughing with our guests, sampling the newest dessert … Read More

National Chocolate Cake Day

January can be a pretty tough month. The holidays are behind us, the weather forecast up north is for snow with periods of snow, and there’s no great excuse to indulge in chocolate-y goodness until Valentine’s Day. And heck…that’s still weeks away! So, thank goodness for the caffeinated geniuses who came up with National Chocolate Cake Day. … Read More

Country Girl Casserole: Mary’s Million Dollar Breakfast

Last week, one of our guests asked Mary if they could buy the recipe for her Country Casserole. If you know Mary, you know that she laughed and said that it was for sale for a million dollars. And she would happily take it in cash. Imagine how relieved I was later that morning when … Read More

Bayfront Marin’s Pirate Rum Cake

Ahoy, ye maties!!! St. Augustine’s new pirate museum opened this week, and the hub and I were two of the first people in line. Look for a blog with more information in the next few days. While you’re waiting for that, I’m going to share something else that many of you have been waiting for. … Read More

Tasty Little Morsels

We got a nice note from Tony and Rebecca B. a couple of days ago. They stayed with us earlier this month, and fell in LOVE with one of the appetizers we made for happy hour. “I would love to have the recipe!” Rebecca said. Well, getting recipes around here isn’t always easy. The women … Read More