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Bayfront Marin House
St. Augustine, Florida

Ain’t Life Grand

If you’re going to name your hotel The Grand, you’d better make sure that you live up to the name. To the Musser family, current owners of The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island…you’ve got nothing to worry about. Your little place fits the bill to a “t”. The Grand Hotel ( is located on Mackinac … Read More

She Knew You Way Back When

As some of you may know, the hub and I restored a house in Galveston Texas a couple of years ago. (And by “restored”, I mean we bought a house in good shape, watched it fill up with nine feet of water during Hurricane Ike, and then “restored” it to its original good shape. With … Read More

The Star Drugstore: A Lot of Firsts, and a Good Place for Seconds!

I had lunch today at the Star Drug Store in Galveston ( It’s a great little historic place. They claim to be the oldest drug store in Texas, and it’s a pretty sincere and non-falutin’ place, so I’m inclined to believe that their research is correct. The history doesn’t end there: the porcelain Coca-Cola sign … Read More

Work Stay of the Day

Last week was my company’s strategic planning session. We strategically used the facilities at the Mount Washington Conference Center, strategically located in Mount Washington, just a few minutes from downtown Baltimore. Mount Washington is a cute little area, lined with serious looking Victorians and well cut lawns. Of course, you’ll only see that if you … Read More

Photo of the Day: Mackinac Island

I’m not a photographer. I don’t understand light, F-Stops are as confusing (and useless) as video games to me, and composition always has and always will mean writing. The most artsy thing I do when taking a photo is to put the subject off-center. But some days, the PhotoGods shine on you and give you … Read More

Gardening Advice isn’t Horse Ca-Ca

As a gardener, I’m always looking at other people’s gardens with envy and anger. Why are their dahlias bigger than mine? How come I can’t grow lavender? How do they remember to water every night? Even nights that Bachelor Pad is on? I spent my first few days at Mackinac Island filled with suspicion. I … Read More

Trying Anything Once

They say that nothing is perfect. But imagine, for a moment, that the second that a particular activity was imperfect, it would be banned forever. This no tolerance policy would change our world forever. Sushi restaurants would close, of course. Most hair stylists would be out of business (at the very least, they would never … Read More

Grandma Knows What She’s Doing

Mike’s Grandmother turned 96 yesterday. If you haven’t met her in my blog yet, please check out my favorite post about her here. Incidentally, she is still trading on the phrase “I’m old and I don’t know what I’m doing.” But she knows. Oh, she knows. What she’s doing right now, for the record, is … Read More

For Better or For Worse

We interrupted the first weekend of living with our in-laws to attend a wedding in Newton, New Jersey. (Why are they living with their in-laws, you may ask? Tune in next week for the whole unbelievable story). Back to this story: we had this out-of-town wedding for two people that I had only met once. The hub thought … Read More