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Bayfront Marin House
St. Augustine, Florida

Ancient Olive, A St. Augustine Experience

Last night, I had a foodie “experience”. I’m not talking about a dining experience, either. I’m talking about an experience full of flavors, and scents, and great discussions about amazing food. It’s just that there wasn’t a lot of food there. Besides some dipping bread, of course. The Ancient Olive on King Street specializes in … Read More

Crabby Saturdays

Why do you want to stay at a bed and breakfast owned by a couple from Maryland? Because on some Friday nights we like to get a couple dozen steamed crabs–just like at home (well, not just like at home…at home a dozen crabs are a Ulysses S. Grant, plus a couple of Alexander Hamiltons; … Read More

Ice Cream Wednesday

Your opportunity to taste Mike’s homemade ice cream is disappearing faster than a cone of vanilla bean on a hot summer day. Yup…today is the LAST ice cream Wednesday of the summer!!! We have a couple of rooms open tonight…and they all come with complimentary ice cream. And what did the hub make for the … Read More

Supper with the Spirits: Call for Tickets!

SUNDAY SUPPER WITH THE SPIRITS SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30TH AT THE DOW MUSEUM OF HISTORIC HOUSES 1790 – 1910 THIS EVENINGS TOUR, “SUPPER”, AND ENTERTAINMENT SPONSORED IN PART BY SAVOIR FAIRE Tonight you will be having your supper in the 173 year old Dow House, one of the 9 historic houses on the beautiful Dow Museum … Read More

Breakfast in Bed

You know my favorite part of vacation?   Room service.   I’m serious; my husband may want to hike a beautiful trail, or swim with dolphins, or tour some spectacular house, and I like all of that just fine. But my all time favorite thing is to just open the door–while I’m still in pajamas–and have … Read More

Local Secrets: Where to Eat

If I had a dollar for every time someone says to me, “Wow–Saint Augustine has the most amazing restaurants. It must be great to live here and eat at them all the time!!” If I *did* have a dollar for every time someone said that to me, I might have enough money to eat at … Read More

Rhythm and Ribs and Other St. Augustine Tastes

Is there a better feeling than sleeping in on a Saturday? Heck, who cares if it’s Saturday, is there any better feeling than sleeping in EVER???? I woke up at 10:45 this morning (!!!), grabbed my suitcase from yesterday (that’s why I was so tired–I was up at 3:30am yesterday and then didn’t get home … Read More

You’re in Saint Augustine and You’re Hungry: Where Should You Eat?

A simple quiz that will help you find the perfect eatery for your trip to the ancient city‘ As innkeepers, my husband and I often get asked for recommendations for local restaurants. We love eating out in Saint Augustine (see the photo at left for empirical proof). St. Auggie is a restaurant lovers’ nirvana. And … Read More

No Thai Required

A couple of weeks ago, the hub mentioned to me that if he had only ever eaten Thai food in Florida, he would not like Thai food. We’ve had some pretty bad Thai-ms since we’ve moved here. Which is a big darn shame because the hub and I love a good drunken noodle, a spicy dish … Read More

The Star Drugstore: A Lot of Firsts, and a Good Place for Seconds!

I had lunch today at the Star Drug Store in Galveston (http://www.galvestonstardrug.com/). It’s a great little historic place. They claim to be the oldest drug store in Texas, and it’s a pretty sincere and non-falutin’ place, so I’m inclined to believe that their research is correct. The history doesn’t end there: the porcelain Coca-Cola sign … Read More