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Egg-Citing Plans for Easter!!

Easter is this Sunday and the Easter Festival Committee is ready. The big push is at 3 p.m. April 8, when the Easter Parade makes its way through downtown St. Augustine. Bands, floats and Easter bonnets are the drawing card for this annual event, begun in 1959. What’s special is that the holiday hats are … Read More

Groovin’ Reuben Dip: St. Paddy’s Happy Hour

Last night, as we were walking home from the inn, the town was lit up with glow-in-the-dark necklaces and headware. You know what they say…everyone is Irish on March 17. I may not be Irish, but I know a good Irish meal when I see one (for the record, you can get a mean corned … Read More

Erin Go Bragh!!!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, lassies!! (And lads!) A bit of leprechaun magic overtook me last night and I made what I now call Leprechaun bark. It was a big hit at happy hour. If you want to make your own, here’s how: Leprechaun Bark 1 bag dark chocolate chips1 bag white chocolate chipsshortening, as neededpeppermint … Read More

Light Up Your Life: A Holiday Special from the Bayfront Marin House

I used to balk whenever I saw Christmas decorations in stores before it was even Halloween. Then I met my nephew, who–when he was four–opened his last birthday present of the day then said “When is my birthday next year???” Why not celebrate something that you really enjoy as soon as possible? We’ve been thinking … Read More

You Light Up My Life

I love Christmas. Last year, I had eight trees in my house. This year, I have 3750 lights on my bed and breakfast (not including the icicle lights). To be honest, I was surprised by that number when we added up all of the boxes. I had guessed it was closer to about 40,000. Nights of … Read More

Happy Halloween, St. Augustine!!!

St. Augustine, they say, is one of the most haunted cities in America (it is the oldest, after all, so I suppose it’s had the most time to acquire ghosts). Donna, who works our evening shift, swears that our Inn is haunted by its original owner, Francisco Marin. The other night, the front door to … Read More

Asking Me To Remember is Just.Plain.Mean.

It’s not fun to have a memory deficiency. I don’t know if it’s a sleep deprivation thing, or a pre-menopausal thing, or if it’s just… Wait a minute. What was I talking about? That’s what it’s like now around the Wieber Ranch. I’m constantly walking into a room, stopping short, and saying (usually out loud) “Why … Read More

Turn the Lights Out When You Leave

Last night, the lights went out on the ten-week long Nights of Lights in St. Augustine. If you missed it this year, make your reservations for 2010-2011. It’s a pretty magical place…enlightening, as the poets and the artists say! Thank goodness for that warm Florida weather, and the beautiful buildings that still shine day or night, … Read More

New Year, Old Tricks

Earlier this week, I shared with you my love for all things Belsnickel. For the record, the lonely travelers I was talking about were rural Belsnickels. They terrorized children that lived down long lanes, in drafty old farmhouses. Children who had to milk cows and help can beans. Children who spent most of the winter … Read More

Glories of Christmases Long, Long Ago

Christmas itself is a time capsule, with a crumpled old green bow on it. Like…the ornament I bought from Charleston in 2002, the first time I had shrimp and grits (as opposed to the ornament I bought in 2005, which was the first time I liked shrimp and grits). The Christmas plates and canisters that my mother-in-law gave me … Read More

You Deserve a Safe Vacation

The health and safety of our hotel guests and staff are our top priority, and we have made some important changes to prepare for your safe visit to St. Augustine. Find out how the Bayfront Marin House can help you stay small, and stay safe!

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