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Bayfront Marin House
St. Augustine, Florida

Flowers of the Day: Yellow Roses

What’s happier, sunnier, more summery than yellow? NOTHING!!! This photo is from Brianna and Adrian’s wedding, held in the gazebo yesterday. Brianna carried a gorgeous round bouquet of yellow roses, and her groom sported a yellow tie and yellow boutenniere. The girls wore yellow ribbons in their hair, yellow sandals, and–of course–yellow pedis. Now, this … Read More

Getting Crafty: My Latest Wreath

 This wreath doesn’t suc-ulent.  Every now and again, I get inspired to do something a little crafty. Last week, inspiration struck and I created this wreath for our back patio area. It’s where we keep the bicycles and beach chairs, and it’s not a very trafficked area–but I think every space has the … Read More

Flower of the Day: Yellow Roses and Peeps

It seems odd, not having any weddings this weekend. But our beautiful gazebo needed some quick reinforcing (we don’t want anyone to literally “take the plunge”!) and so we blocked it off for events yesterday and today. Of course, just because there aren’t any weddings, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any flowers! In fact, … Read More

Flower of the Day: Tulips

I have always loved tulips. Growing up in Pennsylvania, weary from shoveling snow and carrying water to the calves in the back barns, my brother and I anxiously looked for the crocuses first, then the daffodils, and then the tulips. I loved the tulips the best–those big boldly colored cups, the strong stamens inside. Besides, once the … Read More

Flowers of the Day: Hydrangeas and Dyed Roses

Everybody knows that the hub convinced me to move to Florida with the lure of year-round gardening. Yes, the ability to see color–rich, saturated and healthy color–throughout the year was a wonderful draw. So it’s not surprising that I check out the flowers before I look at the wedding dress during our weddings. We work with … Read More