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She Knew You Way Back When

As some of you may know, the hub and I restored a house in Galveston Texas a couple of years ago. (And by “restored”, I mean we bought a house in good shape, watched it fill up with nine feet of water during Hurricane Ike, and then “restored” it to its original good shape. With … Read More

The Serial Killing Gardener: Back to School Edition

There are those gardeners who are trainable. They make mistakes, they learn from them, they improve. They are in a constant state of evolution to a higher-functioning mind. And a better looking garden. I’m so not one of them. Case in point: as I write this, the heat is still sweltering. The corn in my … Read More

Gardening Advice isn’t Horse Ca-Ca

As a gardener, I’m always looking at other people’s gardens with envy and anger. Why are their dahlias bigger than mine? How come I can’t grow lavender? How do they remember to water every night? Even nights that Bachelor Pad is on? I spent my first few days at Mackinac Island filled with suspicion. I … Read More

Gardening as a Competitive Sport

If one more person asks me if I garden because it’s relaxing, I am going to jump up off my cushioned knee protector (and by “jump up” I mean that I will hobble to a fairly-straight and upright position, groaning the whole way), ball up my little fist (little, of course, is relative, as presently … Read More

March Sadness: The Last Guest to Leave the Pity Party

Okay, this is going to be the last one. I promise. If you haven’t already guessed, this is one more blog about the love of my life: my house in Cape May (with apologies to the hub). We got an email last night from the new owner; they said “we love the house.” I’m sure … Read More

A Few of My Favorite Days

They say a house is just a place to live, but a home is a place to love (do they say that? If they don’t, they should.) We didn’t live in our Cape May house, but we certainly did love the time that we spent there. Even the time that we worked there (which was pretty … Read More

The Worst House in Town

Cape May, New Jersey is a pretty competitive town. Like, if your town suggests it has more Victorian houses then they do, Cape May will accept your smack down invite and throw back with all sorts of b.s. about the number of “restored” homes that they have, and how they are the true “queen of the seaside … Read More

I’m a Baby Seller

This weekend, I started packing up some of my things from our Victorian house in Cape May. I know–even before I write this blog–that this post won’t technically be about historic travel, unless you include traveling down memory lane. Which I am. Because it’s all that I can think about. We bought our vacation house in 2001. … Read More

The Root of the Problem…

Many people have asked me just how I’ve gotten this way. And I don’t just mean psychiatrists, either. Normal, concerned individuals have asked: Why do you love historic destinations so much? Do the old portraits make you feel pretty by comparison? Do you think mustiness is a treasured perfume? Are you just against hotel chains on … Read More

You Deserve a Safe Vacation

Stay small, and stay safe.

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