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Bayfront Marin House
St. Augustine, Florida

Crepe Exectations

A hearty “dobro pozhalovatʹ” (that’s “Welcome” in Russian) to Margarita Abramov, the owner of the newly opened Sara’s Crepes Cafe (at 100 St. George Street,). The hub and I visited right after the restaurant opened last week; we had seen advance notice of the opening and wanted to check it out. The restaurant itself is … Read More

Who, Us? Remarkable??

Last week, the Jacksonville Union-Times published their list of the Most Remarkable Rooms in northeast Florida. There were some beautiful rooms in their list: the Garden Suite at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island (which goes for a mere $750/night), the Presidential Suite at Ponte Vedra Inn, the Presidential Suite at Jekyll Island Club. And then … Read More

George Washington Would Eat at the Bistro de Leon

President’s Day weekend is almost here, and we just got an awesome deal to pass on to our guests. Bistro de Leon, one of the best restaurants in town, is offering our guests a free kir chardonnais from February 17 through the 20th. If you’re interested, just stop in the office and we’ll print a … Read More

5 Great Reasons to Gain Five Pounds in St. Augustine

One of the reasons that the hub and I wanted to move to St. Augustine is because we loved the idea of being able to walk to dinner, and to the bank, and the post office, and pretty much anywhere we’d want to go. I’m a big fan of the walkable town. When you walk … Read More

Ripley’s Be-Skeeved-By-It or Not

When you drive into St. Augustine on San Marco Avenue, you drive past an enormous castle. In front of the castle, there are two very creepy looking Chinese statues, guarding the driveway. The poured-concrete castle was originally built by Standard Oil partner William G. Warden in 1880. According to the tour guide on the Ripley train, Mr. … Read More

Don’t Even Ask Me about the Secret Handshake

Since I’ve paid my first mortgage, I guess I’m officially a small business owner. I know I’ve said this before, but I never really thought of a bed and breakfast as a small business. I didn’t think of it as a business at all, just like I don’t think of people who sell vitamins or … Read More

Well, Shucks!!!

Good morning, fellow travelers!!! I woke up to thunderstorms in Galveston Texas, which dampened my otherwise vacation-happy heart. I’m mostly upset because we’ve been working on a 3-day roof project here since March of this year. Even translating that timeframe to the contractor’s calendar, he is Over Due. But then…the skies parted…the sun shone down…the … Read More