You’re Feeling Sleepy, Sleepy…

That’s what one hour less sleep will do to you.

My husband has long declared that, if he were to run for office (insert here the incredulous sound of your choice…such as HA, or TSK), he would run on a platform of having the sun go down at 9:15 every night. His theory is that the need for watchmakers would help employment numbers, productivity influenced by seasonal affected disorders would go up, and he would be able to play baseball with the boys every night.

My own declaration, were I to oppose him on the ticket (would those debates be cool or what), is that we would keep daylight savings time, but it would happen on a Friday afternoon (or Monday morning, I would have to check with the popularity pollsters on that). The switch back to standard time, of course, would happen on a weekend when we all could enjoy it.

Anyway, all of this is just to say “Remember to spring forward.” And remember to stretch first. That springing forward crap can really hurt if you’re not warmed up properly.

By the way, the clock pictured above is in the old Ponce de Leon hotel in St. Augustine. It’s embedded in the largest piece of marble in the world. They’d have to break the marble to reset it (and fix it). So it’s always 10:50 there. On a Saturday. Or at least that’s how I think of it.

Happy napping!