Who’s that Lady??

When Mike and I bought our first house, I decided I wanted a statue in the corner of one of my flowerbeds.

Somehow, I convinced him that he should go shopping with me to pick it out (clearly, we were newly married).

After about 25 minutes of looking at angels, babies, baby angels, and little boys peeing into basins of water, Mike turned to me and said “Don’t they have something sexier?”

Ever since, whenever I see a beautiful female statue, I think to myself, “Yes, it’s nice. But she could be a little sexier.”

Last week I bought a statue for the back bed at the inn. I went by myself (because we’ve now been married for 18 years, and there was no way I could talk him into joining me).

I got her because I wanted to decorate her for weddings, and I thought it would be cool to hang a sign from her for special occasions. Seriously. Plus, nothing really grows in that corner anyway.

This little girl weighs over 200 pounds, and she stands about 4 feet tall. It took four guys to pull her out of the back of the Jeep. “God, she’s heavy,” said one of the guys. I told him that was a mean comment; she’s simply big boned.

Big cement boned.

Anyway, I used her at the wedding today, and I think she worked out perfectly. Just like I pictured.

And–good news for the hub–she does it all while looking pretty sexy, too.