What Would Don Draper Do? Five Reasons He’d Stay at our Bed and Breakfast

Mad Men is back tonight, and the hub and I can’t wait (well, technically we’ll have to wait because we’re traveling tonight and will have to DVR the episode in the near future).

With all the articles about the fashion, the drinks, the decor, I got to wondering–if Don Draper needed a room in St. Augustine, where would he stay?

The Bayfront Marin House’s Coquina Suite, obvs. Here’s why:

St. Augustine bed and breakfast1. Secluded. The Coquina Suite is nestled in the nook of the “L” that describes our inn’s layout. So if he’s sneaking off there with someone else’s wife, no one would even see him. That’s why the Coquina Suite is a favorite among young honeymooners–lots of privacy.

2. Quiet. The Coquina Suite is part of the oldest part of our inn, built of coquina in 1790. Coquina is a naturally occurring element that consists of stones and crushed shells. It’s nice and quiet so that he can sleep in, arriving at work just in time to go to a lunch appointment (with drinks).


3. Romantic. This goes along with one and two, of course, but we up the ante with a double jetted tub in the “middle” room of the suite. Sexy? We think so.

St. Augustine bed and breakfast

4. Kid Friendly. Let’s say that Betty decides to drop the kids off suddenly…after all, it’s not as if she’s winning mother of the year any time soon. We just added a double trundle daybed to the Coquina Suite. If it’s just the two of you, it’s a nice place to cuddle up and read Dante. If the kids show up, it’s perfect for them.

5. Extra large ice bucket and easy access to the machine. Most bed and breakfasts don’t have amenities like ice machines, but we have one, tucked underneath the stairs to the second floor. It’s close to the entrance of the Coquina Suite, so Don doesn’t have to worry about his drink ever getting warm.

Add those items to the fact that we make a great breakfast, AND our guests can enjoy the only free two-hour happy hour in town (no place is happier!), and, really, there’s no other choice for Mr. Draper.

And if Roger wants to stop by too, we will be happy to set him up in the Hopkins Cottage. It’s not quite as mod as his cool office and white barcalounger, but it’s close! (Mike actually went to college with the actor John Slattery, and he is welcome any time he’s in town!)

St. Augustine bed and breakfast, Florida hotel