We’re here to make your stay super special!

Bed and breakfast gift options in St. AugustineI like to file this kind of experience in the “Always Ask” folder: a few weeks ago, a guest called and said she was coming to visit us with her husband, and she wanted to do something special for him. She wanted to get him a bunch of little snacks that they could carry with them as they explored St. Augustine. The innkeeper who spoke to her wrote a couple of ideas down: candy, snacks, drinks, fruit.

Well, the guest arrived this weekend and we heard that the husband was blown away by the outcome. Sandy (who worked at a basket company while she was in school) designed a stack of two boxes and a bucket, completely covered in crackers, chips, cookies, chocolates, and fruit. In the openings on the boxes, she filled in with water bottles and other single-serve drinks.

According to the guest, she had to pull her husband off the snack tower so she could take a picture of it before he started pulling it apart to see everything that was in there. “It was more than I could have imagined,” said our guest. “And perfect for our trip!”

So…if you have an idea that you think would make your stay extra special, ALWAYS ask! We like the challenge of coming up with new things for our guests–and even if you don’t know exactly what you want, just give us a couple of ideas and we’ll work to come up with something awesome!