Well, Shucks!!!

Good morning, fellow travelers!!!

I woke up to thunderstorms in Galveston Texas, which dampened my otherwise vacation-happy heart. I’m mostly upset because we’ve been working on a 3-day roof project here since March of this year. Even translating that timeframe to the contractor’s calendar, he is Over Due.

But then…the skies parted…the sun shone down…the angels sang Hallelujah! Why??? Because this silly blog, which I’m almost certain borders on complete un-helpfulness to my fellow travelers, and may in fact be full of dangerous advice, was just named one of the 50 Best Travel blogs by OnlineDegreePrograms.com (motto: You will get a great job if you just sign up for One More Class).

Anyhoo, I’m mostly posting this update because I would not want any new viewers to first see the blog about my demented (male) friend dressing up as a bride and waving to the trolley passengers in historic Cape May, New Jersey. Now, if you like that kind of thing, it’s the post directly below this.

But if you don’t, I thought I’d list some of my favorite posts from the last couple of months.

Since I’m in Galveston, Texas, I’m thinking a lot about the post I wrote about the cool tree carvings that are popping up all over the Historic East End. The residents who lost huge old trees in the salty surge from Ike are turning them into amazing art. If that’s more your kind of thing, you can read about it here: http://bit.ly/aQaurk (Note: sometime in 2008 I wrote a blog about eating my way across Galveston. For some reason, I titled it Part One. I’ve never written a Part Two. But I’m in G-town for the week, and I’ve already pigged out a couple of times, so check back later this week for a possible update).

St. Augustine, Florida, is the Oldest City in the country. While I loved the ancient fort, and the stately buildings from the 18th century, and the chocolate covered rice crispy treats at Kilwin’s Chocolates, I *adored* the opium-fueled architecture of the Villa Zorayda. So much so that I wrote two blogs about it. You can see them both here: http://bit.ly/9aLjvi and http://bit.ly/d6PE8a

Last summerI stayed at the best hotel in Nashville, Tennessee (it’s not the Gaylord, even though I get a big kick out of the trout stream that flows through the middle of their lobby). If you’re headed to Nashville sometime soon, you can see my recommendations at  http://bit.ly/9S7xr1

I’m not always writing about travel. I like the history that’s around me too (and no, I’m not talking about the historic dust clusters underneath my Eastlake-style bed). In December I wrote a love letter to those angry looking Santas that the Pennsylvania Dutch love, the Belsnickels. I have a big collection of them myself, and I documented them here: http://bit.ly/clyRe6

And, finally, I sometimes write about personal stuff, especially if it has some kind of a historic bent to it. Like the blogs about the hub’s grandmother, who is now 96 and counting (can’t get much more historic than that). My favorite travelog starring Grandma is when we visited Mount Vernon: http://bit.ly/dklLsh . This year, I also wrote (too many) blogs about the saga of selling our Victorian house in Cape May, New Jersey. My favorite blog, March Sadness, is here: http://bit.ly/aJ4jmg .

Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would want to read any of these. But I know for a fact that you’ll appreciate them more than the one I just wrote about the ugliest bride that Cape May will ever see.

If you did stop by today, and you’re new to my blog, please let me know. And tell me what you think think is the least crappy of my postings.