Top o’ the Mornin to You, Lads and Lassies

So, the other night I was enjoying a hamburger and the amazing french fries at Meehan’s on Matanzas, and I was thinking about how I might like beer more if it were green.

Of course, I’d also like it better if it tasted more like a whiskey sour and less like a beer, but that’s another story entirely.

It’s easy to think about beer when you’re at Meehan’s, as it’s a true Irish pub, complete with lots of laughter, people who seem to have known each other forever, and a tall Irishman who checks in on his patrons periodically. Oh, and some of the staff (I’m talking to you Reggie) have the strongest Irish accents you’ll hear this side of Dublin (I’m convinced Reggie is actually from the Bronx, and I keep trying to get him to break character, but so far he’s been good. Very good).

Anyway, Meehan’s is the perfect place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. I’d suggest you get there early…they will probably be packed.

For the past week, they’ve been sponsoring the Romanza Festival, which is a celebration of everything Irish. You can read more here:

What’s happened during this weeklong festival? There’s been a cluster of people around the end of St. George all week (which is where the main stage is). There have been musicians, artists, writers and poets all over the place. They came from around the world, including Ireland (duh), the United States, and the Celtic region of Spain (what? You didn’t know there was such a thing? Shame on you…it’s the home of St. Augustine’s founder).

Anyway, it’s all coming to a head tomorrow…when they say the party will be gigantic. There is music planned all day (see the complete list of events here).
And I’m not sure…but I’m guessing there will be plenty of green beer as well.