Top Acts in Saint Augustine

We moved to Saint Augustine because we thought it was the most beautiful town we had ever seen. We loved the architecture of the old houses, the fort, the charming narrow brick streets.

Without sounding like too much of a geek, we also loved the amazing culture we found here–the Lightner Museum, the Oldest House museum, the Dow Museum of Homes, the pirate museum. For a little town, we’ve got a big list of museums!!

But as they say on the infomercials…THAT’S NOT ALL!!

It turns out that Saint Augustine also has an amazing venue for top-tier acts. It’s the Saint Augustine Amphitheatre, and it’s right across the Bridge of Lions. In the next few months, here are some of the scheduled events:

The Moody Blues, March 17
President Bill Clinton, March 19
Tony Bennett, March 20
Lyle Lovett, March 23
Martina McBride, April 13
The Beach Boys, May 2
Ringo Starr, June 29

Impressive, right? That’s the kind of line up you might expect to see in a huge metropolis!! But no, it’s right here in St. Augustine, and–unlike some of those “other” big venues, you don’t have to lose $1000 gambling, or drive around for hours looking for a safe parking space (they have a huge lot right there).

Plus, you get all the charm of St. Augustine thrown in as a bonus.

If you want to see all of the acts playing in the next few months, you can check it out at Don’t forget, when you buy your tickets, be sure to reserve a room at the inn–because most of these acts are playing during high season.

Mike and I already have tickets to see The Beach Boys and Ringo Starr. But I’m eyeing some of those other acts, too…I just can’t get over what a great line up we have this year!!

Holler if you need a ride across the bridge!!