The Only Time I Have is Growing in An Herb Garden

Hello again, netties. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but it’s not as if I’ve been sitting around drinking sangria and baking cookies all day.

Oh wait. I actually have been doing that. At least in the afternoon, which is when I head over to the bed and breakfast to give the hub a break.

We’ve owned the Bayfront Marin House for about six weeks now, and we’re starting to get into a routine. We get up in the morning, make a list of things to do, the hub goes to the bnb and I go to my home office (I’m telecommuting to my job of 10 years at Farm Credit), the hub gets a hundred phone calls, I plug through my emails, the hub comes home for lunch, asks me to help him with some things, I start crying that I can’t be two places at once, he goes back to the bnb, I go back to my computer, we reconvene for happy hour, hang out and visit with our guests until 7, eat something in a drive-through, go shopping for the next day and then start the process all over again.

You may have noticed that at no point during the day do we ever look at the list of things to do that we make first thing every morning, If you did notice that, then you are very astute. Just the kind of person who would make a list then actually do the things on that list.

You are not only astute, you are possibly super human. Or, you simply don’t own a small business.

When the hub and I talked about buying a bnb, I never thought of it as a small business. I thought about it like a hobby, I think, or a pen pal coming to visit. It would be cool and exotic, and a nice break from all of the mundane parts of my life.


No one really owns a small business. The small business owns you.

And right now my owner is at full capacity (30 guests–yay!!), and demanding another pitcher of sangria. Which I’m going to go fill immediately. Even though it’s not on the list.

See you at Wal-Mart later tonight.