The Last Ice Cream of the Season

How is it almost October?

Well, as usual, the summer here in Florida has just flown by. I know people always say it gets really hot here, but honestly, I don’t think it’s more hot than our hometown of Baltimore.

Of course, we try to temper the heat as much as possible, with free margaritas every Thursday and free homemade ice cream every Wednesday, from June through September.

That means that Wednesday is the last homemade ice cream of 2015.

Mike put together some good ones this year, brand new flavors that he hadn’t tried before: chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow swirl and brownie brittle (it tasted just like a brownie sundae), and peach ice cream with sugar cookies. And, of course, the old favorites, like banana oreo, coffee chocolate chip, birthday cake with brownie brittle, and coffee oreo (Publix may have had a bogo Oreo special).

He’s ending 2015 with our staff’s perennial favorite: a cheesecake flavored ice cream, with a swirl of homemade raspberry sauce and bites of rich dark chocolate. He’s making a super big batch–mostly so everyone who works with us can enjoy it, but also because the other week Reverend Shokes gave us a sweet amplifier to use at our weddings, and Mike said he’d make him some in return (David said he didn’t want anything for the amp, but that changed when Mike offered to trade him some homemade ice cream for it!)

You don’t have to bring us gifts to get a scoop of the best ice cream in town–just get a room with us on Wednesday night. It will be a sweet end to a fabulous summer!