The Best Desserts in St. Augustine, FL

A future guest recently asked us a great question: “What are the best desserts in St. Augustine? Bonus points for anything easy to get to from the inn. My wife loves sweets, and I’d love to surprise her with a different dessert every night!”

Great question, Peter S.!! And great idea…what a wonderful way to treat your wife during your vacation! St. Augustine has so many great desserts! We’re also lucky that our town is so easily walkable–because not only does that make it easy to get to the desserts, but it alleviates the guilt of eating them too–Look how many calories we burned just walking over here!

Here are some of our favorite desserts in St. Augustine, FL– as well as some special deals JUST for guests at the Bayfront Marin House. The deals are at the end–just like dessert, we’ve saved the best for last!

Stack of chocolate brownies with fudge drizzled on top

Best Chocolate Desserts:

If you (or your SO) love chocolate desserts, we have some great ones in town.

  • Prohibition Kitchen – One of our newest favorites is the Hot Fudge Brownie and Bourbon Milkshake at Prohibition Kitchen, just a short walk away on St. George Street. Let’s just let that sink in a bit, shall we? Hot Fudge. Brownie. Bourbon. Milkshake. You will look like a superhero when the waiter carries it to the table, and your wife will love the grown up fun of a boozy milkshake. 119 St. George Street. 904.209.5704. *BONUS: SEE SPECIAL DEAL BELOW*
  • Hooked on Harrys – I’m going to stick with the bourbon theme for the next one–the Fried Oreo Beignets from Hooked on Harry’s. I went to Harry’s about 100 times without ordering these…those are visits that unfortunately I can’t get back now. I will NEVER make that mistake again. Yes, they sound like something you’d get at the county fair, but they’re so much better than that. They’re six Oreo cookies, dunked in a beignet batter, topped with a white chocolate bourbon sauce (you’re not at the fair anymore!) and finished with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and powdered sugar (that just brings it home!) 46 Avenida Menendez. 904.824.7765 
  • Le Macaron – Leaving alcohol for a second (don’t panic–it’s just a second), I’m going to add macarons from Le Macaron on Cathedral Place. I’m not sure I understood the sublime pleasures of macarons–in fact, I think I always pictured coconut macaroons when someone mentioned macarons. But these are something totally different–and totally European. If your wife loves chocolate, grab a few of the passionfruit dark chocolate ones, and maybe a simple Belgian chocolate one as well. The taste and texture are unlike anything in the world, and these are the real deal–the owners are French, and they put all the magic of that country’s food scene into their macarons. Plus–They’re gluten free! 8 Cathedral Place. 904.217.4882.
Tiramisu ingredients flat lay

Great Coffee Desserts in St. Augustine:

  • Chianti Room – Neither the hub nor I drink coffee, but boy do I like a hint of it in desserts. That’s why I adore the tiramisu at the Chianti Room. Chianti Room is the best Italian food in town (don’t be confused by the Pizzalleys sign at the front. Yes, they have great pizza–but they have a full menu of date night specials at the Chianti Room. Just walk through Pizzalleys to get to the more special occasion restaurant in the back–or enter it from the parking lot on the East side of St. George Street). Their tiramisu is perfect lady fingers soaked in a liqueur laced with espresso, layered with a sweet marscarpone cheese, and made even more special with a little Myer’s rum. The whole thing is finished off with a sweet whipped cream and a layer of chocolate shavings. Plus, it goes perfect with a cup of coffee to round out your night. 60 Charlotte Street (the back of Pizzalley’s on St. George). 904.825.4100. And there’s a BONUS: A SPECIAL OFFER JUST FOR BMH GUESTS (see below).  
  • The Raintree Restaurant – Although a little further away than the other restaurants on this list, they make it easy by offering shuttle service to our guests. Just let us know when you’d like a reservation, and they will send a shuttle at the appointed time and pick you up right at our front sidewalk!! Once ensconced in their warm ambiance (we love restaurants in old houses!), treat yourself with one of their cappuccino ice cream crepes, drizzled with raspberry and chocolate sauces. It’s a great combination of rich and light and yummy!! 102 San Marco. 904.824.7211. If this sounds good to you, hold onto your socks, because we have a special surprise at the end of the blog!
variety of colorful ice cream sandwiches

Cool Desserts in St Augustine:

  • Peace Pie – If it’s a warm night, don’t miss Peace Pie just behind the inn on Aviles Street. It’s–wait for it–sweet cool ice cream, topped with a pie filling, and sandwiched between two chewy cookies. Wait, what??? You can make all sorts of different combinations, but one of my favorite is a coffee ice cream, topped with caramel and toffee, smushed between two chocolate cookies. It’s so big it’s hard to eat (in the best way possible), and you really can customize it to your heart’s content–chocolate, fruity, whatever. 8 Aviles Street. 904.295.8232.
  • Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops – Here’s a dessert that’s cool in all the right ways–the Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops! Gluten free, and super interesting–try the strawberry datil pop (datil is a semi-hot pepper that’s indigenous to the first Coast), watermelon basil vodka, or honey grapefruit…or one of the other featured flavors. All the pops are made with fresh fruit, cane sugar, and St Augustine love–we love watching this little local shop moving into other cities, and even grocery stores! 48 Charlotte. 904.501.7515.
  • O.C. White’s – The closest restaurant to the Bayfront Marin House is OC White’s, a great local hangout. Guests love it too–but there are always a few locals sitting at the bar…including me and the hub fairly often! If you want to cool down, grab a seat on their beautiful patio, and ask for a fruit-filled smoothie, or try their Island Oasis ice cream with toasted almond, dripping with Kahlua and Amaretto. It’s the perfect end to a warm Florida day. Plus, it’s only about 2 minutes from the inn–perfect for a dessert emergency! 118 Avenida Menendez. 904.824.8080. And guess what??? There’s a special bonus offer here too (see below!!).

serving a slice of key lime pie
In addition to all the great desserts around town, don’t forget that we serve a homemade dessert at happy hour every night. We have the best key lime pie in town, an amazing rhubarb cheesecake (don’t even tell me you’ve never tried rhubarb), yummy pie options, chocolate treats…and lots of other delicious options!! You’ll find them in the dining room during our nightly happy hour.


Well, Peter S., I hope that gives you some great ideas for your wife and your *sweet* St. Augustine vacation. And know that everyone here gives you big *brownie* points for wanting to make things so perfect for your honey! If there’s anything else we can do to help you plan your trip, just let us know!!



Guests staying with us get a coupon for a FREE DESSERT with entrée purchase at the restaurants marked with a BONUS note above. That’s any dessert at Prohibition Kitchen, Chianti Room, Raintree Restaurant, and OC White’s!! And they all have LOTS of desserts that I didn’t mention here–I only have so much room (and so much self control–I’m ready to eat six desserts myself right about now). To get your FREE DESSERT, just print out the coupon we send with our confirmation letter…or ask us for one when you check in. 

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