Thanksgiving Dinner in St. Augustine, Florida

thanksgiving, pilgrim, turkey, squash ornament, Florida, St. AugustineWe got an email last night from a guest looking for restaurants serving all the traditional dishes for Thanksgiving this year.

Which made us think…geez. It’s almost October. It’s not a bad time to make reservations for Thanksgiving–because St. Augustine is usually packed with people for the holiday, and so are its restaurants.

Luckily, our friends at realized that Thanksgiving was coming much sooner than we did, and they put together a handy list of restaurants that serve traditional fare. You can see the whole list here:

We have had some great experiences with Thanksgiving dinner in town. One of our favorites was the Columbia ( Not only did they serve up a plate full of turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing–but they also let you order their amazing 1905 salad for a first course! (If you are not addicted to their iconic salad, you had the option of a soup instead). And their meal had a little twist to it, with a Cuban stuffing that didn’t taste like mom’s, but was interesting on its own. Who knows–their stuffing may be one of the holiday tastes that we look forward to in the future!

It’s likely we’ll be dining at the Columbia again this Thanksgiving, not only because we enjoyed the meal there last year, but because the Columbia is one of the few restaurants that has seatings after 8:00pm. The holiday is a long one for bed and breakfast owners, and we are usually at work until 8, so the late dinner offerings are appreciated by us.

Thank you, Mike S, for reminding us to make our own reservations! And if you’re staying in St. Augustine for Thanksgiving, we suggest that you make yours too–the holidays are coming faster than we think!