Secrets of the Locals: Haszard’s

So, you know that the hub is originally from Maryland.
That means a couple of things. It means that he loved his Orioles, and still remembers the glory days of Jim Palmer, Brookes Robinson (whom he calls Brookesy), Frank Robinson, and of course the fiesty manager xxxx.
It means that he eats his crabs steamed and with a ton of spices…and he has taught a local crabber here in Florida to make them just the way he likes them.
It means that his family members say “ool” instead of “oil” and “aayg” instead of “egg”. (He used to say that too, but after 20 years of me teasing him about it, he has pretty much gotten that out of his system).
And it means that every summer, he would go to Ocean City, Maryland (otherwise known as OC MD). He went first with his family, and then with the guys. Why did he like it so much? The girls, he always says (and if you ask him, he will tell you that there were always LOTS of girls. Right).
But I suspect it had a lot to do with the food. Dumser’s shakes. Thrasher’s fries. He still talks about the year that he and his buds rented a place right next to Bull on the Beach. They allegedly ate there every night (I only say allegedly because I try to be honest in this blog, and I’m just not sure that his memory is correct on this. I’m sure they ate there a lot. But every night? Really?)
Anyway, all of that is to say that