Sailing, Takes Me Away…

This is what a “not so spectacular”
St. Augustine sunset looks like!!

Have you ever noticed how many songs there are about sailing? There’s John Fogarty’s Sail Away, the Enya classic Sail Away: Orinico Flow, my Randy Newman fave Sail Away (he often closes with it), and the Styx classic Come Sail Away.

But that’s just the beginning…there are tons of sailing songs and books and movies. (I only know because I had to look up the “real” name of Enya’s song and I found this huge list on wikipedia). Honestly, I don’t understand intellectual copyright laws at all, because it doesn’t seem like you should be able to have 100 songs with the same name.

Legalities aside, there’s a reason all these singers want to harmonize about life on the high seas: it’s because it’s mesmerizing. It’s relaxing. It’s like going to another world.

Last night, the hub and I enjoyed a sunset sail with a few friends, going out with the awesome Captain Chuck and First Mate Rose Ann of St. Augustine Sailing. (That’s them above…the woman in red is our friend Mrs. Locklear, whose birthday we were celebrating). We took a 41′ Hunter sailboat, which has a very nice cabin below deck, as well as plenty of room for the six of us to spread out and enjoy the lazy evening.

It’s hard to be uptight on a sailboat. I mean, I guess if you’re on the Bounty and Fletcher Christian is coming towards you with a big rope and a pistol, it might be a little nerve-wracking. But the likelihood of that is pretty low.

A relaxing sail is so nice, in fact, that the hub thought our guests might enjoy the outing. So he put together a great package–a two hour sunset sail on a sailboat, just for two people (plus the crew, of course–you don’t want to help sail the boat). It’s a totally blissful getaway, and it’s only $129 with a three-weeknight stay.

If you’re interested in learning more about the package, just give us a call at 904.824.4301. We’ll be happy to give you the whole scoop.

Unless, of course, we’re out sailing. (Check out some of the photos from our trip below…and yes, all of the photos on this blog are really from our trip. And Rose Ann apologized that it wasn’t a spectacular sunset!)

The marina on Vilano Beach is beautiful in its own right.
Our captain’s favorite boat name? THE LAST BOAT #4.
The dolphins followed us all night–I didn’t even have to zoom for this shot.
Saint Augustine: Beautiful any time of day!