Sacking Saint Augustine

Today is a good day to hit the sack.

We’re not talking about taking a nap (although that is always an appealing option!), but rather the “Sack of St. Augustine: Captain Robert Searle’s Raid of 1668.”

In 1668, Captain Searle (and by “captain”, we mean “viscious pirate leader”) sailed from Jamaica to Saint Augustine, with his eyes set on a stash of royal silver ingots here in Saint Augustine. Once he got here, the “sack” began. It wasn’t pretty.

It’s a lot less dangerous in the re-enactment, which takes place today at the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park on Magnolia Drive. There’s food and fun there, as well as lots of 17th-century arms (unarmed, we’re assuming). We plan on checking out the food later today, hoping that there’s deep-fried fried snickers, or something similar. The event opens at 10 am, which is a little early for fried snack bars, but we’ll see how we feel by then.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Tonight at 4:00, the Raiders will proceed to the Plaza de la Constitucion. Then at 5:00, they plan on attacking the militia of Saint Augustine (faithfully enacted by the Historic Florida Militia), as well as the ancient city’s citizens, chasing them (us) down St. George Street. We figure it will be a good way to work off that fried Snickers.