Rhythm and Ribs and Other St. Augustine Tastes

Is there a better feeling than sleeping in on a Saturday? Heck, who cares if it’s Saturday, is there any better feeling than sleeping in EVER????

I woke up at 10:45 this morning (!!!), grabbed my suitcase from yesterday (that’s why I was so tired–I was up at 3:30am yesterday and then didn’t get home until about 11), and started my laundry. That’s really all I do at home lately–stumble in, kiss the hub, wash some clothes, then pack another suitcase.

I thought I was still half asleep when–just a few minutes after starting¬†a load of whites–I heard music. Cool, rhythmic music, coming from St. Francis Field (just about two blocks from our house). YES!! Today is the second day of Rhythm and Ribs!! Thank goodness I didn’t sleep through that!!

Assuming that you’re not still in bed, you should run over for some awesome barbecue (lots of napkins provided) and even awesomer music. As I type this, I can hear Swanky Mo’s wrapping up their set, but after they vacate the stage there are six more acts to come (including Eager Beaver, The Committee, Yankee Slickers and JJ Grey & Mofro).

The festival goes til 10 tonight, and 11 til 6 tomorrow. Admission is $5 (and that starts at 3). See more info at https://rhythmandribs.net.

Today is also the Taste of St. Augustine, held at the Amphitheatre from noon til 8. It features tasty morsels from about 20 different restaurants, including Gas, Gypsy Cab, Raintree, Creekside Dinery, and lots of our other favorites. Admission is $5, and food tickets are additional.

Want to park at the garage, but then don’t feel like running over to the island?¬†There’s a shuttle that runs between the two events, hosted by the Green Trolley. The trolley holds 25 people–so line up early if you want a seat!

I’ve got a wedding on the beach at 3:00 (look for photos on Facebook later), but I’m going to want to hit both of these events. Good thing I got a lot of sleep, because I could be up late eating ribs!!

Hope to see you there, well rested and well fed.