6 Things to Consider When Rescheduling Your St. Augustine Wedding

wedding silhouette in st augustineHave you had to reschedule your St. Augustine wedding due to the Coronavirus?

We’re sorry. Weddings are such a joyous time, and questions like “Should we have it or shouldn’t we?” definitely add a layer of stress.

One way to help lower that stress is to answer a few questions, with input and agreement from your significant other. The two of you will face many challenging times in your married life: this is a great opportunity to start a partnership that works together and talks things out.

When couples call us to reschedule an event–either one that was planned with us, or one that planned in another, larger venue–here are some of the questions we have. Discuss these with your SO and come to an agreement before talking to a venue or wedding planner.

Are you looking for a replacement event or a prequel to a larger event?

Our venue is great for small weddings–we can do 30 wedding guests easily in the courtyard in front of our gazebo, and up to 60 at the historic Sanchez House on the other side of our inn. (Note: If you rent the entire Bayfront Marin House, you can do even more in our courtyard).

It helps us to know if this is the “new” main event–a replacement for the event you could not have because of Coronavirus. If it is a replacement, it means you’ll probably want to incorporate lots of the decisions already made–like maybe the colors, or the type of cake. Likewise, if there were aspects of your original wedding that you were really looking forward to, let us know and we’ll help you figure out how to incorporate your wishes. For instance, if you have bridesmaids, and they have dresses, tell us your colors and we’ll suggest d├ęcor to complement your choices. If you fell in love with a cake (or a baker), let us know–we are happy to include outside vendors in our events.

Alternatively, your wedding may be a prequel to a larger event. You and your SO may just want to be married NOW, and you want to plan something elegant and intimate. You can hold a blow out party later, when people can travel and congregate in groups.

st augustine wedding with green glassware and candle

What do you want to include from your original event?

Just let us know the parts that were most important to you! Many venues do not allow outside vendors, but we welcome them! So you can keep your florist, or your musician, or your baker. We want you to be happy, and if that means incorporating details from your previous plans, just let us know!

Planning similar elements can be as simple as having a green and gold theme (above). Or as complex as having the same meal, cake, music, and photographer.

Whatever you’re planning, we’ll help you implement it.

Do you want to have a small group of people, or just the two of you?

it doesn’t seem like there would be a big difference between a wedding with 10 people, or a wedding with just the two of you…but there is. No matter how many people you have invited, we will incorporate social distancing safety nets if the family has not been quarantined. We can spread out chairs, or move the rows so that they are offset. We can also have some people stand on the stairs in our gazebo, keeping them close to your ceremony, but safely away from other guests. And yes, there is room to have two attendants in the gazebo, and still maintain six feet between you and them.

Of course, if you have family members that are immune compromised, or elderly, we strongly recommend that you come up with some ways to incorporate them while keeping them safely at home.

What can you do to make people feel like they’re part of everything, even when they’re hundreds of miles away?

Even if your friends and family know it’s safer for them to shelter in place right now, some will feel left out. And, if they are people who have been tired of being sheltered for months, they may be cranky.

Consider ways to make them feel part of everything. Use Facebook live for people who are at home. Or Facetime family after your vows.

When I married, my great grandmother couldn’t come. I had a corsage delivered to her the morning of my event. She felt special, and not forgotten.

Want to share anything special from your prequel at the blowout?wedding couple in a gazebo

If your family will not be joining you, is there anything that you’d like to make a part of the ‘main event’? For instance, would you like to have a video that you can share at the party? Would you like to show your Grandmother that you attached her brooch to your bouquet? Or use a picture from the elopement for an invitation to the wedding?

Make a list of anything you’d like to incorporate in your NEXT event, then share your list with your wedding planner. We’ll make sure that you get the photos you need, or the right videographer.

What are some other ways you can share your elopement with your family?

If you’re holding your main event in a different city, you might want to search St. Augustine for interesting items that could be used as a favor for your guests. Imagine a bottle of water from the Fountain of Youth at each of the place settings. Or maybe a mini bottle of datil pepper sauce. You could serve wine from the San Sebastian winery at your next reception, or liquor from the St. Augustine Distillery.

If you’re interested in doing something special for the “next” event, let us know. We’d love to help you brainstorm on ways to bring St. Augustine home for you!

Getting married shouldn’t be stressful. You’ve found the right person–and that’s the hardest part! Give us a call and let us help you plan a stress-free, safe, and beautiful event for you and your Special Someone. We’re the expert in small St. Augustine weddings!