Pizza in St. Augustine: Our Favorite Options on the Beaches, in the Historic District, and for Delivery

You’d expect St. Augustine to have a lot of pizza options–in addition to being a college town (Go Flagler Saints!) it also is a very popular middle school outing. And where do middle schoolers want to eat? At a pizzeria.

Whether you’re traveling with a middle schooler or not, here’s a roundup of some of the great pizza in St. Augustine:

Historic District

pizza in St. Augustine

Al’s Pizzaria

Al’s. The newest addition on St. George, Al’s is a Florida-based chain that offers a great view of the fort (ask to be seated upstairs) and great pizza to boot. The hub and I like to build it ourselves–usually with sausage and onion. Al’s is a sit-down restaurant, so if there are folks in your group who would rather have salad or a pasta dish, Al’s can accommodate you all. 1 St. George Street. 904.824.4383

Pizzalley. Want the kind of place where you see the pizza behind glass, then you point at it, and they heat it on a paper plate? Pizzalley is your place. I usually get the cheese pizza, and then dump a bunch of oregano and red pepper flakes on it (the shakers are located–just as they should be–at every table). Full disclosure: we advertise on the tables at Pizzalley, and people stop by all the time to tell us they saw the ad (and they like the pizza).  If you walk through Pizzalley (the entrance for them is on St. George), you get to their full-service restaurant, the Chianti Room (whose entrance is on Charlotte Street–and is their mailing address). 60 Charlotte St. 904.825.4100

Pizzatime. Pizzatime is located right across from Pizzalley–and it’s a must-stop for my brother-in-law whenever he’s in town (he loves the lasagna pizza and the sausage rolls). I love it when both parlors have people standing on the mall asking if you want to taste a sample. Because when there are two great pizza places on St. George–there are no losers. 124 St. George St. 904.819.0133


Mellow Mushroom. The hub and I were big fans of Mellow Mushroom in Savannah, so we were pretty excited when they opened a new store on Anastasia Island earlier this year. Mellow Mushroom doesn’t feel like a pizza parlor–it’s way too hip for that. But I love the artwork inside (big Conquistadude, for instance), and their long long list of mixed drinks. Plus, I love the pizza–we usually get a Hawaiian style with extra cheese, pineapple and ham. They have live music some nights too–check their website to see a schedule. 410 Anastasia Blvd. 904.826.4040

pizza in St. Augustine

Mellow Mushroom’s Tie Dye Pizza


Puccini’s. Vilano Beach is really coming into its own…and the town center (anchored by Publix) is a big part of that. Puccini’s is at the end of the square, and rumor has it that they’re ready to expand, which is great, because the tables are crowded and sometimes it’s a long wait (plus, people getting pick up have to stand in the middle of the bar area–so it just feels a little tight). This is a restaurant that feels like a pizza parlor–you can see the ovens when you walk in, and the walls are painted in that Italian Villa way. AND they have live bands on the terrace most weekends.


Five Star. There are some times you just don’t want to get in the car, and you don’t feel like walking anymore. But you do feel like eating. That’s when we hand over the Five Star menu. They deliver to the inn, and they deliver to our house. If we’re in the back yard, enjoying a game of volleyball, they’ll even deliver back there. And the pizza is perfect–loaded with toppings, or just plain, it’s not greasy. Get the cinnamin buns for dessert–of course they’re messing and heavy and a total diet buster, but if you wanted health food, you would have picked some other place.  987 S. Ponce de Leon 904.824.9868


Carmelo’s. I was a huge fan of Carmelo’s–I loved their pizza, and their stromboli. Then they discontinued their delivery service. I’m afraid I haven’t been to their cute little store since (they’re right next to a small grocerette, at the only in-town gas station). But if you’re in your car, and want a quick place to eat before you head out of town with the kids (or if you’re planning a big tasting tour at San Sebastian Winery, right across the street, and want something to cushion all that sloshing wine), Carmelo’s is an excellent option. (But please, guys–make this girl happy and bring back the delivery!) 146 King Street  904.494.6658

Pizza Hut. Marketing works. If you have a little one (or a medium sized one) and the only pizza that will make them happy is Pizza Hut’s buttery crust and precisely chopped toppings, we’ve got one. If you haven’t been for a while, you might be surprised–this is the pizza that made “Pizza Night” possible back in the day. and it still tastes like a special treat. 1050 N. Ponce de Leon 904.824.4451