Photo of the Day: St. Augustine at the Beach

beachcomber cottages in St. AugustineThe weatherman says we’re in for sunny weather this whole week, which is a relief because a) we have several weddings in a few days, and b) we’re doing photos at our newest beach cottage on Wednesday.

A good storm can be wonderful on vacation–especially here in Florida where it’s just going to rain for about 30 minutes, then clear up for a lovely evening. When I see clouds gathering on vacation, I think–Woo hoo!! Here comes my excuse for a nap!

One of our frequent guests shot this photo the other week, when we did have a little storm almost every single day. He and his wife were staying in the second cottage, and they captured this awesome moody picture of the gathering clouds.

Somehow, the shot looks like a painting. And a good excuse for a nap.