Ombre Wedding Cake

Weddings in St. Augustine: Unique Cake at Bayfront Marin House Bed and BreakfastWhen I got married, wedding cakes were white. The cake was white, the icing was white and the decorative icing was white too.

Sometimes, if you were crazy (and I was) you added a little color in a fruit filling between the creamy white layers (I opted for raspberry to cut the sweetness a little).

Today, however, wedding cakes are every color under the rainbow (including the rainbow itself–I have a great recipe for a rainbow cake for our next same sex marriage!) You can choose a color that matches your wedding colors; you can go with classic black and white (but take the pictures first, unless you want blackened out teeth perfect for a HeeHaw remake).

Or you can do what one of our recent brides did…and not pick a single color at all. This ribbon cake was painted in beachy colors: ombre pink, ombre teal, and a little bit of white to keep it sweet. The cake batter was ombre as well, going from a dark pink on the bottom layer and lightening all the way up to the top white layer.

So when you’re planning your wedding, don’t fret if you can’t settle on a single color for the cake…ask your baker forĀ all the colors you want!

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