No Business Like Snow Business

Well, it’s another week that there isn’t a whole lot of traveling going on for this historic traveler.

But dang, this winter is nothing if not *historic*.

According to the weathermen, the snowiest year on record for Baltimore was 1994-1995, with 62″ of the white stuff falling. In this winter season, we’ve seen 79″ of snow already. And we’ve got another couple of inches, which is supposed to keep falling.

As the hub would say, as he sat around in his pajamas two weeks ago for only the second snow day he has had since 1981, “We’re number one! We’re number one!”

I’d be happy to lose this contest.

So, as I *travel* outside for another milk, bread and toilet paper run (which is weird, because I don’t even eat bread), I thought I’d share some Baltimore images with you.

Centuries old stalactite formation in Luray Caverns, er, the icicle that grew on my neighbors porch in two short days:

Half a million people visit Luray Caverns in Virginia each year. Perhaps tourism is Parkville’s future?

Our side yard–it’s under there somewhere:

Lesson learned: if you have a white car, and you get over 4 feet of snow in four days, it is helpful to hit your remote lock thingy and follow the sound of the horn. (Because this is what they looked like *after* we dug out!!)

A street full of people pitching in and shoveling. In just a few days, these same friendly neighbors will slash your tires and throw a flaming bottle of hooch through your driver’s side window if you dare to park in the space that they have shoveled out:

Note: the guy on the right is headed to his garage to get a lawn chair so that he can “save” his space. New Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said on February 18 that Baltimore police would begin enforcing the law that makes it illegal to hold your space with lawn chairs, bar stools, ironing boards, etc. But, like most laws in Baltimore, few people pay any attention to it.

Happy travels, snow angels!!! May your flights all be rescheduled quickly!