Night Weddings: Ooohs and Aaahs for Our New Lighting

I can’t decide whether I prefer daytime weddings, when the inn looks so crisp against the Florida sky, or nighttime weddings, when romantic lighting lights up the architectural details of our buildings.

It probably doesn’t matter, since the hub has told me that our vows are still good. “If they didn’t expire, they don’t need to be renewed,” he says. Seriously, I’m lucky I got him to do one wedding event–it’s probably pushing my luck for two.

At any rate, last night we hosted a night wedding…and we tried out a new lighting package. We strung lights over the courtyard, which gave us a “ceiling” of lights when the sun went down.

I thought it was beautiful. Thank you to Melissa and Daniel, for letting me share pictures of their special day (er, night). Best wishes for a life as wonderful as your wedding day!

What do you think…day or night weddings?