Mr. Christian, That is Mutiny!!!

One of the hub’s favorite movies is Mutiny on the Bounty. He likes all kinds of water movies, and this is a water movie with a good story. His favorite is the 1984 version with Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson (this was back when Mel Gibson rocked a mullet and just acted, instead of just acting crazy like he does now). There’s a Marlon Brando version from ’62, too…he’s made me sit through that one at least twice.

Well, this Thursday is the hub’s lucky day because the HMS Bounty–built for the Brando movie–is on the high seas and headed to Saint Augustine!! It will be docked at the City Marina (about 100 steps from the Bayfront Marin House, coincidentally) from Thursday, April 26 til Monday, April 30.

The crew will be on hand to answer any questions about the ship, life at sea, and even maritime movies. (Maybe I can convince one of them to do their Brando impression, too!)