Marin House Sangria Recipes

If you’ve stayed here, you know that our happy hours are practically world famous.

And the most famous part of our practically world famous happy hour is our red and white sangria. Can’t decide which one you want? We are not judgemental if you’d like a glass full of each, or even if you’d like to mix the two for a festive pink sangria.

We’re also not judgemental if you’d like to try your hand at making it yourself. If you want to try, here you go:

Marin House Red Sangria:

– Cabernet
– Orange juice
– Fresca
– Sugar
– Fruits (we use fresh oranges and pineapple chunks, or canned if the produce doesn’t look good that day!)

Pick a jar of any size (the bigger the better, as far as we’re concerned). Then mix everything together with these proportions: 3/4 of the jar should be filled with cabernet, 1/8 jar of orange juice, 1/8 jar of Fresca, 1 or 2 cups of fruit (enough to fill the bottom of the jar). Then add sugar to taste.

Marin House White Sangria:

– Chardonnay
– Apple juice
– Fresca
– Sugar
– Fruits (we use peaches and pineapples, canned works just as well)

Use the same proportions — 3/4 full of chardonnay, 1/8 apple juice, 1/8 jar Fresca, 1 cup of fruit. Add sugar to taste.

And remember–sangria always tastes better with friends. So invite a bunch over (or plan a trip for all of you to come and see us in St. Augustine!!)