Looks *Do* Matter

Sometimes, the best recipe in the world won’t impress people if it just doesn’t look good (case in point: trifles are awesome for the first three of four people who dive in; anyone coming later than that is going to think twice before plopping that goop on their plate).

That’s why I love a good table as much (well, maybe not quite as much) as a great meal.

Here’s a great example from one of our recent weddings. Check out the pineapple in the middle–it’s a great way to serve fruit salad. Just cut a variety of fruits (we use pineapples, berries, grapes, and melons) into bite sized pieces, then skewer them onto a pineapple (you can cut the bottom off to make it stable). Add some fern fronds at the top to make it a little more dramatic.

Other tips I love: the dip in the front, served in a hollow pepper. Pretty dishes served at different heights (if you don’t have pedestals like ours, use a cake plate, or even just a plate puttied on top of a water goblet). Cilantro or parsley sprinkled on everything.

A good bridal buffet is a little like the bride herself: it should look like what it is, beautiful as always, but a little more special than usual.

Best wishes!