Let’s Paws for a Moment on March 31

Do you feel guilty when you drop your dog off at the kennel? Don’t you cringe when you see your pup wag his tail, even as you’re sneaking out for a nice vacation? Don’t you grimace when you hear her bark optimistically as you walk away, as if she expects you to turn around and just say “Kidding!”

You don’t have to leave your four legged friend at home. The Bayfront Marin House is pet friendly. So pet friendly, we serve organic puppy biscuits for happy hour! (Separate from the people food, of course).

And Saint Augustine is pretty pet friendly, as well. In fact, we have a whole list of restaurants that are happy to serve Fido, beaches that love fur bikinis, and activities that welcome your little four-legged friend.

So, if your pup will be in town on Saturday, March 31, there’s an event just for the two of you. The dog walk at Butler Beach Park East is a family friendly event that will include music, food, prizes, and a cool demo by the K-9 division of the sheriff department.

The event goes from 10:00 to 1:00 pm. Bring your dog; look how happy *this* little guy is: