I Scream for Ice Cream (Every Wednesday in July and August)

1984 was great, wasn’t it?

No, I’m not talking about the book that we had to all read in junior high, I mean the actual year. I remember it well:  Torvill and Dean were ice dancing with the Olympic stars in Sarajevo; the first Mac was introduced, and I was finally a senior in high school (look out, you little punk freshmen!).

Good times.

To put the cherry on the top of the best.year.ever., President Ronald Reagan declared that every July from 1984 forward would officially be ice cream month.

Ahhhh…a dairy farmer’s daughter’s dream.

Actually, on the scale of ice cream lovers, I’m only about a 7. I would have thought that I was a 10, but then I met my husband, who completely blew the curve for the rest of us.

He LOVES ice cream. Don’t believe me? I’m not making this up…when we go grocery shopping together, and I’m standing at the line and can’t find him, he is ALWAYS in the ice cream aisle, just “visiting his friends”, he says. He likes to see the new flavors, check out any new treats.

About 15 years ago, he realized that he loves to make his own ice cream as well.

Of course, he doesn’t like to make vanilla. Or anything with less than 3 add-ins, really. He likes to make Kahlua Mocha Chocolate Cherry Crunch, for instance, which is a mocha ice cream, dried bing cherries (you’re going to laugh, but he dehydrates them himself), Kahlua of course, and those little black chocolate things that are between the layers of Carvel ice cream cakes (we are the only people in the world who ever bought just a quart of the crunchies). He also makes a great banana Oreo, which is a simpler one to say, but no less delicious.

This year, in honor of ice cream month (and all the ice cream lovers out there), we’re making homemade ice cream every Wednesday at the inn and serving it at our happy hour (5-7, every night). If you swing by tonight, you can sample some “Girl Scout Shout Out”, which is a chocolate ice cream, with drizzles of caramel and gobs of marshmallow, swirled with crunchy pieces of Girl Scout Samoa cookies.

I shouldn’t have to tell you it’s good. In fact, it’s really, really good.

1984 good.

See you at the dessert table!!

NOTE: Because we love ice cream so much, we actually plan to make it every Wednesday in July and August. So if you can’t make it this month, next month will work too!!