Pro Tips for Hush Trips: Work from Home-Away-from-Home in St. Augustine

If you’ve been working remotely since 2020, it’s likely that the initial excitement of not going into the office has worn off. Sure, you don’t experience the existential dread of walking into your home office that you used to have in your work office, but nevertheless, the shine and enthusiasm of working from home (WFH) have faded. You might want to consider a “hush” vacation to refresh and reset yourself. Haven’t heard of it? Well, a hush vacation is one where you work remotely but from a beautiful vacation destination (like St. Augustine!), not your home office. And if you decide a hush vacation in St. Augustine is right for you, we’ve got you covered. Just FYI, I’m not a novice at this. I’ve actually been working from home here in Florida for eight years, flying back and forth to my previous company in Maryland a couple of times a month. You could say my entire working life was a hush vacation! My boss and colleagues knew that I was living in Florida, but I always tried not to rub it in. So, I know what it takes to make a hush trip work (and play!). Here are my must-haves for a successful and productive WFHAFH (Work from Home-Away-from-Home).

Desk and comfortable work space for hush trips at Bayfront Marin House

Even work feels special when it’s done from an historic room in St. Augustine. This lovely workspace is in the Josephina Suite, part of the 1790 Sanchez House, but other rooms can be outfitted with a portable desk and work lighting.

Good Internet

You don’t want your video constantly freezing on work calls! Before traveling for your hush trip, ask your lodging provider about the availability of fast internet service – we have it. Ask them if they have a company monitoring internet performance and ask what their back-up plan is. If your hotel doesn’t have a dedicated mifi you can borrow, make sure that you have a paid plan for a hotspot on your phone.

Lots of Lights & Lots of Plugs

I know that no one wants to crawl behind the bed to charge a phone! To update the electronics in our historic inn, we have been replacing the nightstand lights with lamps that also have USB ports or additional outlets.

Guest dining room perfect for meetings during your hush trip

Don’t let your co-workers get jealous—bring them with you! The Jose Simeon Suite has a large table that works well for group meetings and team brainstorming.

Easy Food Options

One important factor for keeping a hush trip hush-hush is being available to the folks at the office. I don’t recommend two and a half hour lunches, but the idea is that you should be as reachable as you are from your home office—especially if you would like to take more hush trips in the future. Ask your lodging provider about room service options, as well as nearby restaurants that offer delivery. A good concierge can also tell you restaurants that can serve guests quickly.

A full southern breakfast the perfect start to your hush vacation

A full southern breakfast delivered to your “office” is the perfect start to your hush vacation.

A Plan for Your Hush Co-Conspirator While You Work

If only one of you will be working during the vacation, make sure you talk to your traveling partner about the hours that you will be working. There is nothing worse than trying to finish a big project on a hush vacation while your spouse is pressuring you to join them on this excursion or that attraction. Having a realistic understanding of when you will be working and when you can play can help you avoid conflict while traveling. To help other remote workers who might want to work from a room with a view for a few days, I have created a Working Hard Hush Trip Package, full of everything needed for those looking to work hard and play harder in St. Augustine.

Couple massage

Included in the Working Hard Hush Trip Package:

  • Early breakfast options. The Bayfront Marin House provides a complimentary breakfast to all its guests. Visitors who are working during their stay can request breakfast downtown as early as 7:30 am. Coffee service is available after 6:00 am.
  • Portable desk. Each room at the St. Augustine bed and breakfast has a table and chairs, but if you prefer working on a surface set up at desk height, one can be set up in your room. A desk lamp with USB ports or additional outlets can be included in your set up.
  • Complimentary Printer Access. Print up to 20 pages during your stay. Need it to be confidential? A personal printer can be added to your room for a small fee.
  • One Ticket for the Old Town Trolley. Your traveling partner can enjoy a tour of all the major attractions in town, or they can use the trolley as hop on/hop off transportation. The last trolley leaves at 4:30, which will give your partner plenty of time to come back to the room to see you after work.
  • Couples Massage and Charcuterie. Everybody needs a lunch break, right? Give yourself and your partner a real break with an in-room couple’s massage. After a 50-minute therapeutic massage, we’ll deliver a charcuterie board with meats, cheeses and fruit—for a light lunch that you can both enjoy before you get back to the grind.
  • Happy hour. Couples can reconnect after five o’clock for a complimentary evening happy hour. Enjoy beer, wine, or homemade sangria, along with an appetizer and a sweet bite that will hold you over until dinner.

The Working Hard Hush Trip Package is $329 plus tax and is currently available as an add-on to any reservation made at Package is subject to availability.

–Sandy, Owner


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