Hey, hey, They’re the Monkees!


…And they’re coming to our town!

Yes, the Monkees will be playing at St. Augustine Ampitheatre on July 26.

Unfortunately, Davey Jones passed away last year, but the other three members of the band (Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, and even Michael Nesmith, whose appearance at their 2012 American tour was the first time he played with his bandmates in the US since the group split in 1970) will all be in the house.

The Bayfront Marin House is a great place to stay when you’re seeing a show at the Ampitheatre. You can take a quick cab ride across the Bridge of Lions for the show, and not have to wait in traffic to get out of the parking lot after it’s over! (Because the cab stand is outside the parking lot…clever, huh??).

Don’t Take the Last Train to Clarksville–take a Plane to the Bayfront Marin House this summer!