Happy Halloween from St Augustine! Scary Good Desserts

halloween st augustine bed and breakfastIf you were staying with us last night, you got a chance to see one of the best Halloween dessert spreads ever seen at our bed and breakfast!

Donna truly outdid herself this year, making a simply beautiful Haunted Forest cake, spooky witches’ fingers, spider cookies, and Mike’s favorite, soylent green cupcakes. There were audible oohs and aahhhs from our guests as we brought out these spectacular creations.

I’m not going to lie–the cake is probably too much for a beginning baker. Or someone with any other commitments in their life. (As a reminder, Donna does all of our baking, whipping up these amazing treats during her overnight shift. That gives her eight hours of time in the kitchen–minus the time spent answering the phone, helping guests who have forgotten their keys, and preparing all of the check-in information for the next day–all of that kitchen time is something that most of us don’t have).

However, even a beginner can make our witches fingers! (That means kids, too–it’s a great project for little ones). If you want to make these treats for Halloween next year–or any time you’re feeling a little witchy–follow the directions below. They’re finger-licking good!!

Witches’ Fingers

10 pretzel rods

1 bag white melting chocolate

Green food coloring

Almond slices


Melt the white chocolate per instructions on the bag. You can use a double boiler, or 30-second increments on the microwave. If the chocolate seizes (if you don’t know what that means, it’s exactly what it sounds like–it clumps together and no longer looks like liquid), you can even it out with a little bit of shortening.

Add green food coloring to the melted chocolate, stirring and adding until you are happy with the color.

Pour mixture into a shallow bowl with a wide mouth. Turn the pretzels in the mixture, coating the top 3/4 of the pretzel rod. Depending on your bowl, you may have to spoon the chocolate over the rod for coverage.

While the chocolate is still soft, use a toothpick to etch two or three straight lines across the fingers for the knuckles.

Take slivered almond and press on end of finger until it adheres. (Note: almonds can be toasted).

Place on wax paper on cold cookie tray, and refrigerate until hardened.

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Now, if you’re making these with kids, you can do many more decorations. They can “paint” the fingernails with colored icing; they can decorate the chocolate covered pretzel with an assortment of other flavors (or colors) of chocolate, other candy bits, sprinkles, jimmies, etc. You can do them in colors for any holiday or celebration, and they make great gifts for the kids to give at Christmas.

They make great snacks all year round.

I hope your Halloween was a fun one. Now that that’s behind us, it’s going to be a sprint towards the end of the year–soon we’ll be lighting up the inn for Nights of Lights, then celebrating Thanksgiving (which means more of Donna’s famous pumpkin rolls!), then the Tour of Inns, and finally the biggest week of the year–Christmas through New Year’s.

I’d better store a couple of these chocolate treats for energy later!


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