Happy Boss’s Day! Send Her to St. Augustine!

Travelocity Vacation GnomeBoss’s day wasn’t a day when I first started working. If you had polled me then, I would have said that *every* day was boss’s day.

In fact, it was a thing back then. Patricia Bays Haroski first registered Boss’s Day with the US Chamber of Commerce in 1958 (which, for the record, is long before I started working). She wasn’t just an employee trying to kiss up (as I always imagined), and she wasn’t an employee at a greeting card company (my second theory). She worked at a State Farm Insurance agency, and her boss was also her dad. She suggested celebrating Boss’s Day on her dad’s birthday, October 16.

In my corporate life, I have pretty strong feelings about Boss’s Day. Namely, *every* day is boss’s day (wait…where did I hear that before?). Especially if you have great employees–they are the ones that will make or break the business in the long haul.

We of course have AMAZING employees! And they are working hard today–just like every day–ensuring that our guests have a fantastic getaway, a great experience, and a reason to come back again. Our employees are the reason that the Bayfront Marin is so many people’s “happy place.”

If you have a great boss, or if you are a great boss, why not suggest your boss come to St. Augustine for a vacation? As the Travelocity gnome says, sometimes a vacation for your boss is an even bigger treat for you!