Guest Profile: Lovebirds Angela and Robert

You know how they say it’s never to late for a new beginning?

Well, Angela and Robert Prescott of Georgia know it. They’re guests who just got married at the BMH. Besides being very nice people, they also have a very cool love story. (Attention Hollywood: this would be a great flick!)

Angela and Robert grew up in the same rural neighborhood. In fact, Robert was the first boy that Angela ever kissed (he was a very smooth 15-year-old she said, to her sweet and innocent 13). They were what Robert calls “school bus sweethearts.”

And then Angela disappeared. She didn’t move, but her parents pulled her out of the public school and shipped her off to a private one. (Having met Robert, who is so friendly and sweet, we’re sure it wasn’t because of him. He is literally the type of person that parents would love–quick to laugh, very considerate, and very handsome. Come to think of it, he’s probably exactly the kind of boy that parents don’t want their 13-year-old daughters to meet. So never mind!)

Angela’s parents were strict, and Angela didn’t get a chance to hang out with all of the boys and girls from her old school.

“I used to drive past his driveway for years,” she said, “and look in there and think, Oh, that’s where he lives!” She sounds a little like a smitten teenager even as she says it now.

So, time passed. Their lives went on. They met other people. They divorced other people.

But they didn’t forget those school bus kisses.

And then a little thing called Facebook hit the scene.

“I kept looking for her, and looking for her,” says Robert, laughing. “But she didn’t use her maiden name online, so I couldn’t find her!” Then, Angela’s brother opened an account, and Robert asked him what had happened to Angela.

In a few days, they were Facebook friends. They talked, caught up on old times, scrutinized each other’s picture, and finally decided to meet up again.

The rest, as they say, is history. They got married last Friday–on 2/11/2011.

“She could run, but she couldn’t hide,” says Robert, laughing again.

But who would want to hide from such a sweet man? Not Angela, for sure, who looked beautiful and happy during the wedding, and earlier today when they checked out. Robert bought her a Bayfront Marin House robe and some coffee mugs to remember their special day. They shared kisses in the dining room before they said goodbye.

“It won’t be goodbye for long!” promised Angela. “We’ll see you before our first anniversary!”

We hope you do, Mr. and Mrs. Prescott! And, in the interim, be sure to stay in touch on Facebook!!!