Guest Profile: Girls Weekend for Vicky, Sam, Ronda and Debbie

Vicki and Samartha (“call me Sam,” she said) are sisters from Florida. They were part of a group of four women (Vicky, Sam, Ronda and Debbie) who came to our Inn to celebrate their annual girls’ getaway.

Like I said, Vicky and Sam are sisters.¬†A couple of years ago, Vicki married Ronda’s dad (Vicky says she’s a bit younger than her busband), and she realized that she and Ronda and Ronda’s friend Debbie all got along really well. So the three of them, along with Vicki’s sister Sam, began traveling together.

This year, they came to Saint Augustine. How did they end up at the Bayfront Marin House? Extensive research, say the sisters.

“Ronda looked on line literally for hours,” they told me at happy hour the other night. “She thought the photos of your Inn were stunning, and the reviews were all so wonderful.”

Well, we don’t like to brag, but we have had 28 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor. In a row.

But we digress.

Anyway, the four lovely ladies moved into the Lyndsay Michelle, our two-room suite, earlier this week, then set out to tour the Ancient City.

They were at the Fountain of Youth earlier in the day (I told you they were beautiful, although I’m not sure that Ponce de Leon’s magical waters can take any of the credit), and guess who they ran into? The camera crew from NBC Today’s weekend edition! Well, if anyone

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