Getting Crafty: My Latest Wreath

This wreath doesn’t suc-ulent.

 Every now and again, I get inspired to do something a little crafty.

Last week, inspiration struck and I created this wreath for our back patio area. It’s where we keep the bicycles and beach chairs, and it’s not a very trafficked area–but I think every space has the right to be beautiful.

What do you think? Is it beautiful or what?

(Want to make your own? I got a grapevine wreath, then glued green “grass” to it, as well as some natural moss. I then wired–and hot glued–2 sizes of terracotta pots to the wreath, and filled them with succulents. Because I know I’m not great at watering! Then I tucked in/glued some little birds, a couple of butterflies, and finished it with a raffia bow made out of two colors of raffia, a pinecone, and another bird for good luck. I bought everything at Michael’s, except the plants which I got at Home Depot. It was about $25, plants and all).