Flowers of the Day: Yellow Roses

What’s happier, sunnier, more summery than yellow? NOTHING!!!

This photo is from Brianna and Adrian’s wedding, held in the gazebo yesterday. Brianna carried a gorgeous round bouquet of yellow roses, and her groom sported a yellow tie and yellow boutenniere. The girls wore yellow ribbons in their hair, yellow sandals, and–of course–yellow pedis.

Now, this blogger is all about the yellow–yellow pumps, yellow flats, yellow sweater sets, and an awesome yellow blazer that I wear when I’m doing presentations. So maybe I’m biased…but I have to say, I thought this color absolutely rocked!!

I also loved that the bride included small crystals in the bouquets, and in her hair. It added a great sparkle in the yellow sunshine!

See more photos below.

Nothing mellow about this yellow–and I loved it!!