Flowers of the Day: Hydrangeas and Dyed Roses

Everybody knows that the hub convinced me to move to Florida with the lure of year-round gardening.

Yes, the ability to see color–rich, saturated and healthy color–throughout the year was a wonderful draw.

So it’s not surprising that I check out the flowers before I look at the wedding dress during our weddings. We work with a local florist, who combines colors in fresh, inventive ways. She also will fit in any color a bride wants–like the Christmas bride who wanted black and red roses. Instead of getting black roses, Chrissy used black silk ribbon and twisted it into a tiny flower to go in the center of every rose. It was beautiful.

Today’s flowers are brought to you by the cool color family–green, blue and purple. I promise I’ll feature the embellished roses next, but in the meantime, enjoy this happy spring-time bouquet!